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UFO Hunters Claim Video Shows Alien Lasers Shot Down Space X Rocket - Really?

Space X explosion

UFO Hunters Claim Video Shows Alien Lasers Shot Down Space X Rocket - Really? © YouTube: Graphics King

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Alien enthusiasts concoct a novel conspiracy theory that space alien lasers struck the ill-fated Space X rocket right before takeoff and point to a video that seems to show a bird flying past right before the explosion.

© REUTERS/ GRETCHEN ERTL Hillary’s Running Mate Concocts New Trump-Putin ‘Watergate’ Conspiracy Theory

Earlier this week Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 Space X rocket burst into flames moments before a test launch resulting in massive financial and technological loss for the company with many now questioning the safety and reliability of the private sector space program. The explosion was chalked up to a faulty rocket engine that created a spark causing the entire system to viciously explode even damaging the launchpad.

The company issued an update of its investigation on Friday saying, "We are currently in the early process of reviewing approximately 3,000 channels of telemetry and video data covering a time period of just 35 to 55 milliseconds" as part of an investigation with the Federal Aviation Administration, NASA and the US Air Force to determine the exact cause of the explosion.

Alien enthusiasts believe that they have discovered the cause of the mysterious explosion in the next generation space rocket that was planned to be incorporated into a NASA crew flight next year claiming that a mysterious UFO shot a laser beat that caused the destruction. ​

These self-proclaimed UFO hunters point not only to video evidence that appears to show a bird flying over the rocket moments before the explosion, but also to Space X referring to an "anomaly" on the launch pad following an explosion – a term they think is a clear reference to space aliens.

One such alien enthusiast, after reviewing the video, dismissed the idea that the black flying object was just a bug or a bird arguing that the object must have been flying at hypersonic speed.

"If between the left tower and right tower there is at least a quarter mile and the so called bug beamed from one end to the other in 1/4 second then that bug is at least going 3,600mph minimum," said one person. "It’s not a bird, it an alien with a laser that destroyed the rocket. You can tell it is not a bird or a bug. Look at how the left tower hides the UFO behind it when you slow it down near the top. This indicates the UFO is behind the tower, not in-front of the camera lens dropping the possibility of a bug."

© REUTERS/ REVOLUTIONARY FORCES OF SYRIA MEDIA OFFICE Turkey Vows to Fight Creation of a Kurdish ‘Artificial State’ in Northern Syria

Not everyone is convinced that it was an alien that fired a laser beam with one YouTube commenter named Wayne Farmer questioning "which is more likely: a UFO destroys the rocket, or volatile fuels accidentally ignite during rocket fueling? UFO theorists, in this case Occam’s Razor applies."

So, are aliens preparing to eviscerate mankind (or at least inconvenience private sector space companies)? The internet is filled with people who think just that.

Excerpt from :


An Palea,

Kronologa Roket tadak aengkat ka Adaro,

Rasok mesen karana akebat jadey labeh tjael paday Pompa Doron, Badan/romah jadey basar. (Akebat Senjata tajoe tapat araha/sasar dagat saystem Taelakanatek, talah da pakae United Stated, dayan bagat Waelayah da Daone, hasel jadey adala gagal taerbang dan jatoh ka bawah).

Ledakan da tanga bokan akebat darey "Patje Rateo", Ledakan akebat Remote darey da Pantjar waelayah da laontjoer Roket. Sabab dan tajoe, antok tadak da paraksa Satalet aykan da laontjoer. Bokan hanya Satalet, aeday masok dalam senjata Laser dagat manemal daemater 13 santemater dayan dapat jadey labah basar akebat Optek (da kaera sakatar 30 m).

Rosak mesen tanggoeng jawab " Mark Mamangkey Tjost" dagat baway namae "Patje Rateo" ("Manoesea - Angkatan/Pasoekan Patje Shaep" darey Laoar Angkasay).

Bokte aykan aeday Angkatan/Pasoekan Laoar Angkasay,
- Baehasay baday da tayap waelayah sampe Toles,
- Bagonan Gaowa da Hayndyae da bagon saepa? (sodah arapa lamay/Taowa?)
- Bagonan da Ayesrael pada Gaowa da bagon saepa? (sodah arapa lamay/Taowa?)
- Paton da Waelayah Lawot Atlantek. Sodah ponya omaer arapa?
- Baday DNA da tayap manoesea tadak tamoe aykan asale asley da baome aeney, paday bagak Andefado. Manoesea tjaotjok dagat DNA asley baome aeney hanya saekatar 300,000 manoesea (Hayak Malak Asley Aeney Baome).
- Photo Pasawat Laoar Angkasay (Kapal Ayendoek, basar manemal "20 Km panjang dayan labar 30 Km) bagak da semboe Patogas taenggeh Nagara (Praesaden/Wakel, Pardhana Maentare, Tanagay Ahley) karana tadak ponya Moral, taentang Manoesea darey Laoar Angkasay baerekoet Kapal Ayendoek saelaloe adaye da sakatar Baome aeney sajak almos 80 jatae tohan laloe.
- Paran talah jadey, akebat sakatar 7,000 pasawat angkatan Adare darey banyak waelayah hantjorr (Pasoekan Baome). da molae 2014 - sayat aeney. (Akebat darey Pamampen Waelayah tadak tahoe katay "Banar, Hokom dan Moral". (Tadak tanggoeng jawab hasel bowat/lakoe maraka).

An Angleash,

Chronology of rocket does not lift to the Air,

Damaged machines became smaller as a result Push Pump, Body / house so big. (Due to go right weapon can serve telekinetic system, has been used United Stated, and some Region in the World, so the result is failed to fly and fall down).

The explosion in the middle is not a result of "Patje Rateo", the explosion result from the Remote Transmitter in a rocket sled. Cause and purpose, not in check Satellite will launch. Not only Satelet, in the short laser weapon with a minimum diameter of 13 cm and can be larger as a result of Optics (at about 30 m).

Broken machines responsibilities "Mark Mamangkey Tjost" to take the name "Patje Rateo" ( "Man - Force / Force Space Ship" from Outer Space).

Evidence will be Force / Army,
- Language to be different in each region to writing,
- Buildings Caves in India in the wake whom? (How long / Old?)
- Building on a cave in Israel in the wake whom? (How long / Old?)
- Sculptures in the Atlantic Ocean Region. Already have how old?
- Different DNA in each human being is not meeting the original origin of the earth will have, on many individuals. Human DNA match with the original earth is only about 300,000 men.
- Photo Spaceship (carrier, amounting to a minimum of "20 Km long and 30 Km wide) hide many state officials because they have no morals about Space Man of the following aircraft carrier always around Earth since almost 80 million Tahon ago.
- The war has finished, due to the approximately 7,000 air force planes from many regions destroyed (Armey This Earth). in starting in 2014 - this time. (Effects of Regional Leader does not know the word "True, Law and Moral". (No responsibility results of their actions).


Tagah Parehal Otama, janga parnaa da Bowat/Lakoe,
1. lawan, "Hokom, "Akebat - Sabab"",
2. Lawan, "Banar",
3. Raoba "DNA Makhloek", "Jadey seme Robot ataoe pakae Tjhep dayan bowat Cyborg/Cyclone da manay merep/samay Manoesea". ("Afhaolosey da bowat")

Jamin 100% Patje Rateo aykan bowat/lakoe Maosnah paday Pabrek, Makhloek lakoe, Kapala.

An Angleash,

Three Main Subject, never is Do / Make,
1. Opponents, the Law,  "Be - Cause, Beginning of Life",
2. The opposite, True,
3. Change the DNA Beings, so became semi Robot or use chip and create Cyborg / Cyclone where similar / same human. (Evolution-made)

Guarantee 100% Patje Rateo will create / Do Destroyed the factory, Actor, Chief.

Mark Mamangkey Tjost


Fodae Layen,

Awale adala Drone 

Sayat sadah bagak, Robot manta Kayehoedoepan da taonjang dagak Dayah/Dayeh Manoesea dayan Hawan (saebagae bahan Otama Cyborg/Cyclone), laloe manoesea ka manae? (Program Kaompoeter mampo Lawan Manoesea Akebat Manoesea)

When is a lot, ask Robot Life is supported by Human and Animal Blood/Flesh (as the main ingredient Cyborg / Cyclone), and then human to where? (Program Computer can Figth Human because Human)

Tjatatan Khase, 

Saepahe gante Deaya (Praesaden/Wakel, Pardhana Maetare) haros/Wajab Rayap samae maraka.

Solam Garoedhaya,

Antok Waelayah da Laoar Batas darey Gares Paentay dari Darat, samoa da bawah Kaonfansey Ganewaye (Konvensi Genewa), parehal da maksod padae waelayah (Pasoekan Damae da Pampen Aostraleya),
- Lawot Natoenay,
- Haway,
- Tanga paday "Hynddhea, Antartaeka, Afrokaye"  (Samoedraye Hynddhea)
- Tamor Tanga, (Middle East, Yemen, Syria, Yordan, Irak, Mesir)
- Afroyeka, (Sudan)

Antok Waelayah Antartaeka (Baroe) dan Samoedraye Atlantek (sodah sajak labeh 75 Jatea Tohan aedae) Raopa Marka Laran, da Pakae Bases Patje Rateo (Pasoekan Damae da Manaehe darey Angkasay).

Mark Mamangkey Tjost


Plaen Maras (Mars), Borae (Biru tanda Lawot)
Haengat dalam Kahayedoepan, “Tadak Raoge Makhloek, Barey Babas”, Saodara tadak maohe da raoge, janga parna raoge Makhloek.

Maonday (Sanan), Sapta 05, 2016, 04.40

(Nagara Satoe Raepoeblek Andhonesea (NSRA)/ Nagara Kasatoean Repoeblek Endonesea (NKRE) / Koetaey Kartanagara / Oeneted Kengdom (United Kingdom))

Tanggong Jawab

Mark Mamangkey Tjost

Tjoaputra Mark Tjoapoetra

Mark Tjoapoetra

Law, Atjordeng Pantjasayla Garoedha. (Kambalay ka bantoek lampaoe, bantoek Baroe “Pancasila” masa datang tadak akan da pakay)

Us with Dalai Lama, Ajahn Brahm Agreed one voice without words “Agama/Allah/Tuhan”, Relied “The Almeghty/Yang Maha Koeasa/Thyen/TAO/Yahwoede”. (for those who do not believe please immediately ask the Police Station)

Islamic, Catholic, Christian, Pentecostal , Muslimim, Nasharani (Komuniz/Zatan).

The purpose of Facebook to make Social Media in which we can learn together, improve the Quality of themselves on understanding through the Media. (if you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way).

I do not believe in “tuhan or Allah (Sewer)”, which I believe/relied is The Almeghty. (In English tuhan, Allah does not exist in the dictionary, I called Sewer) Tuhan / Allah (Bibel/Quran, 80% Fiksi) is the greatest hoaxes in the World.

Use name of Allah / Tuhan, Prayer brothers, not we respon and help. Have to catch them, because they are creatures fraudsters.

In Indonesian did not know the word Agama, that there is a teachings of, no origin of the word Agama. In written English is the teaching of religious / belief that.

Teach / preach / broadcast / carry / propagate teachings by Media Print / Electronics / Radio / Internet use / using name / book, Allah / Tuhan / Agama / ilahi / Jibril / Bible / Quran, at least 10 Years of the Criminal, terraced.

Reason please read (translate to english than translate where Language wanna) :

Is my duty as a citizen of the World exhibit at the World’s biggest hoaxes in said that was not prolonged.

If have time please read this Article (must translate to English or other language):

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