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Baoka Data ka Balakang/Rayewayat Kahayedoepan, awal da bantoek. ( Aotak – Fikiran - 1. Pandangan Benar )

An Palea,

Baoka Data ka Balakang/Rayewayat Kahayedoepan, awal da bantoek. ( Aotak – Fikiran - 1. Pandangan Benar )

Sadah da jalas da awal darey

Taeda jadey aeday, aedae adala Naoal (0), Naoal (0) kambang jadey 1, 2, 3 . . dst. Parehal da dapan/jalas/lahat samae danga darek Hayetong/taengkat Kahayedoepan, maohe Darek Hayetong antok nayek tangkat padae adjaran Raoah makhloek. Tadak tatop maongken jadae paday taron Taengkat Raoah darey Makhloek ataoe antal/sampa jadey maosnah paday Raoah Makhloek. Tjaontoh 10, 9 , 8, . . . 2, 1, 0, taeda bakas. (parehal Ayfek adala Kabanaran Sawoe Kabajekan).

Banda matey adala banda hayedoep, Banda Hayedoep bowat/lakoe bantoek Makhloek Hayedoep sarta Matey, (Raopa Akibat - Sabab, bokan Tjaepta)

Banda Matey dayan banda Hayedoep taeda badae, da kata taeda badae tatap badae. (Makhloek matey da katae Banda, Makhloek Hayedoep da katae Makloek, hanyo da karana satoe dapat garak, satoe tadak dapat garak, satoe Raopa Tjaepta Makhloek, satoe karana Akebat -Sabab)

Darey Ayher Kaompoel, darey tjael jadey basar,

lakoe bantoek jadey satoe, lakoe bantoek Kahayedoepan.

Apaka talah bantoek kahayedoepan? Ayher, Aghye, Abhoy dayan Aphye.

Ayher talah bowat jadey satoe danga Abhoy karana da doron Aghey haengga jadey satoe, talah jadey satoe (Tjampoer) padae Antha paste panas da laoar Tjoal, otama padae Plaen jawoh darey Matahara (Ataro - Salathan). (da namae Onsar Tarak- da Tarak (Paosatef - Naogatef) karja jadey bantoek)

Tjaontoh paday wakto talah lamae, pasta bantoek Plaen, Matahara, Komat, Mateor dayan layenhe.

Paday wakto lamae talah jadey plaen danga paosasey bayek, makae dapat Panas dayan Tjoal bagos, makay bantoek da namae Darat dan Layot, Katab (Ataro - Salathan).

Ahyer raopa Sarana Kahayedoepan pantang, danga Ahyer makay maontjol lamat, sodah lamat tomboeh basar dayan matey, maontjol da namae Amaobay, Baktara, Parasat dayan layan.

Da banto Amaobay, Baktara, Parasat, tanpa ganggo apahe pasta jadey basar haengga jadey Afaolose bantok paday Makhloek. ("Taory Akabat - Sabab" Hokom Alam (Kahayedoepan), "Taory Afaolose" haros da lahat darey awal).

Danga bagae jadey aobah/bantok paday Afaolose tanto aykan jadey Makhloek Anaka Ragam dangan wakto talah Talea tohan da laloe (Parehal talah dapat da arty (da bawah 800) Ratos Talea kaley (X=1) Talea).

Talah da lahat dan ponya bokte bahwa sagat banto kahayedoepan adalah Ahyer, Taomboehan, tanpa Ayher makay Tjael maongken jalan ayren Taory, Taory Akebat - Sebab" Hokom Alam (Kahayedoepan), "Taory Afaolose" haengga bantoek Kahayedoepan.

Danga parehal "Ahyer, Hokom Alam (Kahayedoepan)" harap Saodara sadarhe bahwa Ayher dayan Tammboehan raopa Otama Topan Otama paday Kahayedoepan, makae Attansey padey Ayher dayan Pohan paday Hotan maophe da Romah Saodara. Ayher taonjang Pohan dan Pohan taonjang Adaro Saodara Horap padey tayap harey.

Parehal toles da aytas talah barey bokte bahwa taeda Makhloek lakoe Tjaepta, talah lakoe jadey karena tadak gaona Tanaga, Foker, Pangalaman (Aksparansa) maohe darey Makhloek. (Hanyo dalam wakto tjaepat, sayat da tjareta talah paday datay tjatat (Rayewayat) Bibel/Al-Quran)

* Danga perihal talah lakoe, makay sayae katae bokan hanya 1 baome adaye da samastay. Maseh bagak labeh majoe darey Baome da saney, dayan bokte bahwa taeda parna da namae Keamat (Wakto Talah Hanta datak).

An Angleash

Open Data Backward / History of Life, beginning in the form of. (Brain - Mind - 1. Right View)

It has been described at the beginning of

None be there, there is a zero (0), Zero (0) developing into 1, 2, 3. , ff. Subject is the same with the rank of Life, as well as increased levels of spirit beings lesson. Does not cover the possibility of decrease in level of Spirit Beings or until extinction on the Spirit Beings. Example: 10, 9, 8. , , 2, 1, 0, no trace. (Subject that is very influential is Kabanaran Sasoeae Kabajekan).

Inanimate objects is a living thing, objects form the Living Beings well as the Dead, (Sense Due - Because, not creatted),

Living Dead objects and objects no different, in different words no different stays. (Creatures die in said Objects, Living in the word "Beings", just because one can move, one can not move, one Visual Created Beings, one as Due -Because)

Of the Air gather, from small to large,

Form a unified, forming Life.

Is that form of life? Water, Wind, Dust and Fire.

Water unites Wind Dust impulse to be unity so that, after being unity in essence definitely hot and Cold outside, primarily on Planet, away from the sun (north - south). (In the name of the element "Pull- is Pull (Positive - Negative)" work become the form of)

Examples of such a long time, certainly form a planet, the Sun, Comet, Meteor and others.

After becoming a planet with a good position, it can be hot and cold are good, then formed in called the Mainland and the Sea, Pole (North - South).

Water Means Life is the most important, with the water then comes lichens, mosses grow larger and after death, appeared called Amoeba, Bacteria, Parasites and others.

Helped by Amoeba, Bacteria, Parasites, without any disturbance definitely enlarged, causing the evolution of the form of the creature. ( "Theory Be - Cause" or Law of "Beginning of Life", "Theory of Evolution" should be viewed from the beginning).

With various changes / shaper on evolution would be a creature of various Variety after a trillion years in going through. (Subject may mean (Below 800) Hundred Trillion x Trillions).

Seen and proved that it is very helpful life is water, plant, without the subject is much less likely to walk as a result Theory Theory - For "Universal Law," Theory of Evolution "thus forming Life.

With the subject of hope you realize that the backbone Water and Plant Top in Life, then respect Water and Trees in the Forest and in the House Civil.water support Trees and Trees support the Civil Air Breathe every day.

Regarding the creation proves that nothing happens because they do not use the Power, Mind, Experience and Power of Being (Creature). (Just a few moments, according recorded in the Bible / Quran)

* With these matters, then I declare not only one Earth is in the universe. There is still much more advanced than the Earth here, and prove that nothing ever is in the call Judgment (cessation of ticking time).

Haengat dalam Kahayedoepan, “Tadak Raoge Makhloek, Barey Babas”, Saodara tadak maohe da raoge, janga parna raoge Makhloek.

Saonday (Samga), Sapta 04, 2016, 08.05

(Nagara Satoe Raepoeblek Andhonesea (NSRA)/ Nagara Kasatoean Repoeblek Endonesea (NKRE) / Koetaey Kartanagara / Oeneted Kengdom (United Kingdom))

Tanggong Jawab

Mark Mamangkey Tjost

Tjoaputra Mark Tjoapoetra

Mark Tjoapoetra

Law, Atjordeng Pantjasayla Garoedha. (Kambalay ka bantoek lampaoe, bantoek Baroe “Pancasila” masa datang tadak akan da pakay)

Us with Dalai Lama, Ajahn Brahm Agreed one voice without words “Agama/Allah/Tuhan”, Relied “The Almeghty/Yang Maha Koeasa/Thyen/TAO/Yahwoede”. (for those who do not believe please immediately ask the Police Station)

Islamic, Catholic, Christian, Pentecostal , Muslimim, Nasharani (Komuniz/Zatan).

The purpose of Facebook to make Social Media in which we can learn together, improve the Quality of themselves on understanding through the Media. (if you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way).

I do not believe in “tuhan or Allah (Sewer)”, which I believe/relied is The Almeghty. (In English tuhan, Allah does not exist in the dictionary, I called Sewer) Tuhan / Allah (Bibel/Quran, 80% Fiksi) is the greatest hoaxes in the World.

Use name of Allah / Tuhan, Prayer brothers, not we respon and help. Have to catch them, because they are creatures fraudsters.

In Indonesian did not know the word Agama, that there is a teachings of, no origin of the word Agama. In written English is the teaching of religious / belief that.

Teach / preach / broadcast / carry / propagate teachings by Media Print / Electronics / Radio / Internet use / using name / book, Allah / Tuhan / Agama / ilahi / Jibril / Bible / Quran, at least 10 Years of the Criminal, terraced.

Reason please read (translate to english than translate where Language wanna) :

Is my duty as a citizen of the World exhibit at the World’s biggest hoaxes in said that was not prolonged.

If have time please read this Article (must translate to English or other language):

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