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Tabah, (Body) , (Palea, Bhadanne, 2. Faekeran Banar).

An Palea,

Tabah, (Body) , (Palea, Bhadanne, 2. Faekeran Banar).

Tabah adala taboh manusia ataoe Makhloek. Padae Artakal laloe bahas Foker, Foker aeday tanto baoto Baoka Lahat/Pandang/wawasan, Baoka Lahat/Pandang/Wawasan nyata/rawal baroe dapat da katae baoka lahat/pandang/wawasan, nyata/rawal adala Kabanaran. Dalam baehasay "Palea" sayae artey saebagae Aotak dayan dalam Boeddhyst/Hynddhoest sayae tawot saebagae 1. Lahat/Pandang/Wawasan Benar.

Foker banar labah haolo, laloe Lahat/Pandang,Wawasan banar, napae Foker banar labah haolo, laloe Lahat/Pandang/Wawasan Banar? Sabab sayae baoto Tabah haengga mampo jalas taentang Pandang Banar. Aotak raopa anggota darey Tabah, tanpa Tabah bagaehe ponya Aotak. Aotak raopa posat darey samoa kaembang paday tabah, ayfak padae tabah, rosak Aotak aykan Ayfek padae bowat baentok paday Taboah. Saetjara laogeka, kaembang tabah "bayek, bagos, banar, barsa, dan Tolas" aykan barey bowat kaembang bagos padae parehal mampo Makhloek.

Tabah barey artey (karana ponya Aotak) aykan Lahat/Pandang/Wawasan Nyata (Benar), da praoses laloe Foker (Aotak), jalas bahwa talah ponya Tabah (Aotak), sayae haros tjare apaka jadey sayae ponya tabah haengga dapat ponya lahat/pandang/wawasan banar. Dagak da jawab saegala tanya (da dasar Bokte) makay ponya Lahat/Pandangan/Wawasan Banar.

Jalas Katae Banar, bayak talah salah artey.

Banar satoe katae haros da dasar aytas parehal tadak raoge Makhloek. Parehal raoge Makhloek makay katae "Banar" jadey Kabanaran. Apaye sabab (Napae) jadey Kabenaran, pangakoewan akan salah makae parehal pangakoewan raopa Kabanaran. Bowat tjareta, balom artey kabanaran, karana tjareta baesa/dapat da katae Khayalan/Karangan. Karangan sodah pasta adaye tadak ponya Onsor raoge, adaye karangan nayat raoge.

Salah satoe katae sodah da pasta raopa parahal raoge Makhloek bayek tjara Nayat maohe tadak. Sayae katek, dapat jadey salah toles makae parehal salah toles raopa salah tadak Nayat. Sayae tjoere/rampok makae parehal tjoere/rampok raopa salah, da lakoe dagak Nayat,  da lakoe dagak tjara Sadar darey daere daewe. Bokte bahwa parehal salah adala bowat/lakoe/tanda sadah da tahoe foker kaeta, apaka bowat da lakoe banar ataoe Salah saetjara sadar foker daere daewe. Lakoe samae dagak layen (da ayfek/paksa), tanto foker kaeta sadah tahoe banar ataoe Salah, akoet/lakoe parehal salah artey raopa tanggong jawab darey daere daewe, bokan tanggong jawab darey Makhloek layen, saetjara hokom parehal sabot aykan da bokte adaye kaonsparase (karja samae, makae Fones paste labeh taenggeh).

Darey parehal katae Banar, salah, Kabanaran, makae da ambal/takan satoe sampoel bahwa saegala soato bowat, banar, salah jadey tanggoeng jawab darey Makhloek Lakoe, parehal Kaonsparase jadey tanggong jawab maraka samae sowa dagak janas salah, Kapala ataoe Takae-Tagae. Takae-Tagae pasta bokan Aotak darey Kajahatan, jadey Aotak adala Kapala, makae Kapala haros saelaloe da tangkap baroe rasae aman baesa/dapat da laksana dagak bayek haengga Sajahteray dan Bahageya baesa/dapat tjapa.

An Angleash,

Body (Tubuh), (Palea, Bhadanne, 2. Faekeran Banar), 2. Mind Right

The body is the human body or creature. In previously discussed the Mind, Mind there is certainly need view, the real view then can be said the view / vision, the real is the Truth. In the language of "Palea" I interpreted as the brain and in Boeddhyst / Hynddhoest I put as 1. Right View.

Mind right before, than view is correct, why mind right first and then the Right View? Because I need a body that can explain the Right View. The brain is part of the body, without the body how to have a brain. The brain is the center of all development in the body, affects the body, the brain damage will affect the formation for Body. Logically, the development of the body's "good, well, true, clean, and Sincere" will provide a good development on the ability of these creatures.

The body gives the sense (because it has a brain) will be a real view (Right), are in the process through the Mind (brain), makes it clear that after having the body (brain) I need to find what makes me have a body so as to have the right view. With response all questions (based on evidence) then have the Right View.

Explanation Words True, much misunderstood.

Correct a word that should be in the underlying on the subject does not harm the creatures. Regarding the word harm creature really becomes Truth. Why become truth, recognition is wrong then the matter is Truth. Make a story, not to interpret the truth, because the story can be told Delusion / Authorship. Authorship is definitely there which have no detrimental elements, intended Authorship to harm anyone.

One word that has been ascertained is about harming creatures either intentionally or unintentionally. I'm typing, writing errors may occur then the subject was a mistake unintentionally. I steal / rob then the matter is a mistake deliberately done in aware of yourself. Proving that the issue one is an act that is already known by our mind, whether the action is done correctly or False consciously by the mind itself. Perform along with the others (influenced / forced), of mind we already know is true or False, follow / implement concerning any means the sole responsibility of the self, not the responsibility of other being, legally the matter will prove their conspiracy (Working together, the penalty would have been higher).

From about the word right, wrong, Truth, then take the conclusion that everything works, right, wrong is the responsibility of the creature, about Conspiracy their responsibilities together in accordance with the type of error, the Head or Foot-Hand. Hand-foot definitely not the Brain of Evil, who became brain is the Head, the head should always be arrested then Security can be implemented properly so that the welfare and happiness can be achieved.

Haengat dalam Kahayedoepan, “Tadak Raoge Makhloek, Barey Babas”, Saodara tadak maohe da raoge, janga parna raoge Makhloek.



Taosday (Slasa), Sapta 06, 2016, 19.00

(Nagara Satoe Raepoeblek Andhonesea (NSRA)/ Nagara Kasatoean Repoeblek Endonesea (NKRE) / Koetaey Kartanagara / Oeneted Kengdom (United Kingdom))

Tanggong Jawab

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Tjoaputra Mark Tjoapoetra

Mark Tjoapoetra

Law, Atjordeng Pantjasayla Garoedha. (Kambalay ka bantoek lampaoe, bantoek Baroe “Pancasila” masa datang tadak akan da pakay)

Us with Dalai Lama, Ajahn Brahm Agreed one voice without words “Agama/Allah/Tuhan”, Relied “The Almeghty/Yang Maha Koeasa/Thyen/TAO/Yahwoede”. (for those who do not believe please immediately ask the Police Station)

Islamic, Catholic, Christian, Pentecostal , Muslimim, Nasharani (Komuniz/Zatan).

The purpose of Facebook to make Social Media in which we can learn together, improve the Quality of themselves on understanding through the Media. (if you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way).

I do not believe in “tuhan or Allah (Sewer)”, which I believe/relied is The Almeghty. (In English tuhan, Allah does not exist in the dictionary, I called Sewer) Tuhan / Allah (Bibel/Quran, 80% Fiksi) is the greatest hoaxes in the World.

Use name of Allah / Tuhan, Prayer brothers, not we respon and help. Have to catch them, because they are creatures fraudsters.

In Indonesian did not know the word Agama, that there is a teachings of, no origin of the word Agama. In written English is the teaching of religious / belief that.

Teach / preach / broadcast / carry / propagate teachings by Media Print / Electronics / Radio / Internet use / using name / book, Allah / Tuhan / Agama / ilahi / Jibril / Bible / Quran, at least 10 Years of the Criminal, terraced.

Reason please read (translate to english than translate where Language wanna) :


Is my duty as a citizen of the World exhibit at the World’s biggest hoaxes in said that was not prolonged.

If have time please read this Article (must translate to English or other language):



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