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NOT MY PRESIDENT: Chaos and mayhem on American streets

NOT MY PRESIDENT: Chaos and mayhem on American streets

Solam Garoedhaya,

Parehal apaka da katae komoenes? Komoenes adala Raopa Kajahatan, karana tadak lakoe Hokom sowae "Pantjasayla Garoedha".

Pantjasayla Garoedha jalas bahwa "Barsa, Banar, Bagos, Bayek, Banan (Transparan)" haengga samoa jalas saetjara Hokom.

Akebat darey tadak jalas, "reboet, rosoeh, rontak" jadey da samoa waelayah, karana tadak ponya Hokom jalas.

Dagak parehal da aytas jalas bahwa Komoenes/Kajahatan haros/wajab mosnah darey Daone aeney.

Jalas bahwa da lahat "Trump" bokan arong "bayek, bagos, barsa, banar, transparan".

Hillary jaoga boroek, bagak salah, haengga jalas padae "palah" tadak dapat da laksana karana panoh entrek kabohongan/kajahatan.

Samoa Wajab da lakoe saetjara hokom haengga pahak salah da hokom labeh dahoeloe, laloe bowat palah "baejaksana, babas, banar, barsa dan bagos".

* Masaf padae palah awal, Wajab Komoenes tadak ponya Hayak dalam palah praesadan, nanta talah samoa (Kajahatan) sodah da hokom (Rayap da Sangkawang) dayan da atoer saetjaepat mongken saystem antok masok kandadat saebagae praesadan dagak tjara tayest, sayat aetoe maraka da barey hayak saetjara da awase.

An Anglesh,

Regarding whether in word communist? Communists are Rupa Crime, because it is not appropriate behavior Pantjasayla Garoedha Law.

Pantjasayla Garoedha clear that "Clean, Right, Good, Well, Transparent" until all is clear in Law.

As a result of unclear, noisy, violent, rebel be in all regions, because they have no clear law.

With the subject line above it is clear that the Communist / Evil must perish from this world.

It is clear that in view Trump is not the "good, nice, clean, correct, transparent".

Hillary too bad, a lot of wrong, to clear the elections can not be implemented because of intrigue lies / crime.

All Mandatory in legally sold until the first one in law, then held elections wise, free, correct, clean and nice.

* Sorry for primaries, Mandatory Communists do not have the Right to select a president, then after all (Crime) is already in the law (termites in singkawang) and set as soon as the system for entry candidate for the presidency by way of test, that's when they were given rights in supervise.

* Be careful with all the media, all the media all behavior behind the crime to help a crime.

Mark Mamangkey Tjost


Thoersday (Samak), Nofha 10, 2016, 12.10
Kotay Kartanagara
Nagara Satoe Raepoeblek Andhonesea

Tjaontry Ane Raepoeblek Andhonesea ,

(Nagara Satoe Raepoeblek Andhonesea (NSRA)/ Nagara Kasatoean Repoeblek Endhonesea / Koetaey Kartanagara / Oeneted Kengdom (United Kingdom))

Mark Mamangkey Tjost

Law, Atjordeng Pantjasayla Garoedha. (Kambalay ka bantoek lampaoe, bantoek Baroe "Pancasila" masa datang tadak akan da pakay)

Us with Dalai Lama, Ajahn Brahm Agreed one voice without words "Agama/Allah/Tuhan", Relied "The Almeghty/Yang Maha Koeasa/Thyen/TAO/Yahwoede". (for those who do not believe please immediately ask the Police Station)

Islamic, Catholic, Christian, Pentecostal , Muslimim, Nasharani (Komuniz/Zatan).

The purpose of Facebook to make Social Media in which we can learn together, improve the Quality of themselves on understanding through the Media. (if you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way).

I do not believe in "tuhan or Allah (Sewer)", which I believe/relied is The Almeghty. (In English tuhan, Allah does not exist in the dictionary, I called Sewer) Tuhan / Allah (Bibel/Quran, 80% Fiksi) is the greatest hoaxes in the World.

Use name of Allah / Tuhan, Prayer brothers, not we respon and help. Have to catch them, because they are creatures fraudsters.

In Indonesian did not know the word Agama, that there is a teachings of, no origin of the word Agama. In written English is the teaching of religious / belief that.

Teach / preach / broadcast / carry / propagate teachings by Media Print / Electronics / Radio / Internet use / using name / book, Allah / Tuhan / Agama / ilahi / Jibril / Bible / Quran, at least 10 Years of the Criminal, terraced.

Reason please read (translate to english than translate where Language wanna) :

Is my duty as a citizen of the World exhibit at the World's biggest hoaxes in said that was not prolonged.

If have time please read this Article (must translate to English or other language):

Flags burning, Trump effigies hanging in the streets of America’s major cities
November 10, 20163:20pm

Trump Addresses Supporters After Stunning Victory

A US flag is burned in protest at Trump’s win. Picture: Mike Bivins/Twitter
Victoria Craw and Rohan

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WARNING: Strong language
FLAGS are burning and effigies of President-elect Donald Trump are hanging in the streets as Americans come to grips with their new leader.

On both coasts — in states traditionally held by Democrats — thousands of protesters have taken to the streets. There’s a common theme: “Not our president”.

A shooting in Seattle on Wednesday night local time is believed to have left five people with gunshot wounds. The shooting is not believed to be related to a nearby Trump protest that drew about 6000 people.

As well as Seattle, there’s anger on the streets of Manhattan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington DC, Chicago, Portland and Oakland. The list goes on.

If authorities thought scenes would return to normal after Tuesday’s protests, night two appears to be a ramping up of the chaos..

Trump Towers in New York City and Chicago have become a meeting points for vocal, visual displays of disobedience. Their entrances have been blocked off completely.

View image on Twitter

Videos posted to social media under the hashtag #NotOurPresident show chaotic scenes as police try to quell the uprising.

“No Trump”, “No KKK”, “No Fascists USA” are among popular chants, the Chicago Tribune reports.

In New York City, protesters gathered in Union Square holding signs saying “Love Trumps Hate” and “Trump Grabbed America by the Pussy!” before marching uptown in the thousands to chant in front to Trump Tower.

Outside the White House in Washington DC, hundreds of protesters gathered for a mostly peaceful scene but police were on hand should it turn ugly. There were reports an anti-Trump protester had his ear bitten by a rival supporter. Pictures show a man with blood on his ear and neck.

A demonstrator burned a Trump baseball cap and others held placards reading “Stand Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry!”

Protesters criticised what they called Trump’s racism, sexism and xenophobia, and carrying signs reading “We have a voice!” and “Education for all!”

One of the organisers, Ben Wikler — Washington director of the liberal advocacy group — told the crowd that others were coming together in hundreds of communities around the country.

“People are justly frightened,” he said.

“We are here because in these darkest moments we are not alone,” he added before leading chants of “We are not alone!”.

Ethan Miller of the workers’ rights group Jobs with Justice said organisers held the vigil to show that civil society was resilient.

“It’s a hard time for a lot of Americans,” he told AFP. “We saw a campaign that was filled with racism and misogyny and whole host of other terrible tactics that ultimately were successful for winning the electoral college.

“But we’re not going to let a Donald Trump presidency stop the progress in this country,” he added. “We’re going to continue to organise and fight for the rights of all people and to protect the safety of our brothers and sisters.”

Supporters attending the rally appeared less optimistic.

Joanne Paradis, 31, who was born in Mexico and works in international communications for a non-profit group in Washington, said she attended the rally to “share some solidarity.”

“I feel pretty down,” she said. Asked if the country could weather a Trump presidency, she said, “I don’t know.” “But we have to acknowledge what happened to deal with it, to face it and talk about it and be honest about it.”

“I just came here to mourn,” said Chris Hassan, 28, who works for a civil society group.

In California, it’s officially ugly already, despite the Not Our President protests being positioned as peaceful. Organisers are asking demonstrators to wear black, bring flags and posters and display restraint. “No violence” is a common request. But it often ends in violence.

Windows were smashed around the city and as the clean-up was completed on Wednesday morning, the protests kicked off all over again.

Another 500 students gathered at the university’s San Diego campus, while demonstrations were also reported in downtown Los Angeles, with people yelling “Who’s got the power? We got the power,” the LA Times reports.

A female demonstrator was struck by a car when she strayed onto a busy road in Oakland.

Further north, Portland journalist Mike Bivins shared a video showing a flag being burned as a crowd cheered and clapped. Other videos showed students yelling “F**k Trump”, smashing news stands and setting fire to rubbish bins.

In Oregon, dozens of people blocked traffic in downtown Portland, burned American flags and forced a delay for trains on two light-rail lines. Earlier the protest in downtown drew several Trump supporters, who taunted the demonstrators with signs. At one point, a lone Trump supporter was chased across Pioneer Courthouse Square and hit in the back with a skateboard before others intervened.

At Berkeley High School, also in California, 1500 students walked out of class before first period on Wednesday. The LA Times reported students chanted anti-Trump slogans and took to Twitter to contribute to the #NotMyPresident hashtag.

AP reports #NotMyPresident has been used more than half a million times.

In Oakland, an effigy of Donald Trump was also burned.

In Pennsylvania, hundreds of University of Pittsburgh students marched through the streets, with some in the crowd calling for unity.

The student-run campus newspaper, the Pitt News, tweeted about an event titled “Emergency Meeting: Let’s Unite to Stop President Trump.” In Seattle, about 100 protesters gathered in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood, blocked roads and set a trash bin on fire.

Videos from Boston and New York show protests well under way and building.

A woman was struck by a car and severely injured when protesters got onto a highway, the California Highway Patrol said. Demonstrators vandalised the driver’s SUV before officers intervened. The highway was closed for about 20 minutes.

Donald Trump’s shock victory after a bitterly divisive campaign defied polls and political pundits.

Mr Trump struck a conciliatory tone in his first speech, saying the country needed to unify following the vote.

“I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans and this is so important to me,” he said.

“For those who have chosen not to support me ... I’m reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.

Fires burn in Oakland

“Ours was not a campaign but rather an incredible and great movement made of millions of hard working men and women. It’s a movement comprised of Americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs who want our government to serve the people.”

Daily Bruin reporter Tanner Walters said “thousands” had been sent to the streets in Westwood, California.

Earlier it was reported the Los Angeles Police Department were preparing for “riot mode” in certain neighbourhoods in the event of a Trump win.

“The polite thing to say is that this is not unusual, but this has been a very unusual election,” a police source toldDeadline. “We are ready to go into riot mode if required, if the order comes.”

People take part in a protest near Trump Tower in Chicago. Picture: Paul Beaty/AFP

People take part in a protest near Trump Tower in Chicago. Picture: Paul Beaty/AFPSource:AFP

Mr Trump’s win has inspired a wave of congratulations from far-right leaders around the world including France’s Marine Le Pen and Holland’s Geer Wilders.

Former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage also congratulated the Republican leader after becoming a regular feature on his campaign following the Brexit result.

Russian President Vladmir Putin said he hopes the two countries can work to “restore” their relationship from its lowest point since the Cold War.

However it has also energised nationalistic and anti-immigrant groups leading to clashes following the vote. Outside Trump headquarters in Manhattan rival groups changed “Black lives matter” and “All lives matter” at one another.

Protesters clashed with police after chanting “Donald Trump has got to go” as the Republican nominee was confirmed as President.

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